Trinity along with 8 other ELCA congregations gives financial support to a husband-wife missionary team in Nairobi Kenya, Rev. Michael G. Fonner and Leslie Weed-Fonner.

The Rev. Michael Fonner serves Nairobi International Lutheran Congregation and Leslie Weed-Fonner works with the Pangani Lutheran Children’s Center.

Michael earned a BA inReligion from Dartmouth College, and MDiv in Pastoral Ministry from Harvard Divinity School and a ThD in Comparative Religion from Harvard. Leslie earned a BS in Dental Hygiene from Columbia University, an MEd in Psycho-Education Processes from Temple University and an MSW in Clinical Social Work from Hunter College School of S. W.

Pastor Fonner’s focus is moving the congregation he serves,Nairobi International Lutheran Congregation (NILC), toward self-sufficiency. He is working to transition the congregation from foreign missionary leadership to local leadership. Leslie  works with Pangani Lutheran Children’s Center (PLCC) a ministry for orphaned girls in Nairobi.The center houses girls, unable to live with their parents because of difficult circumstances. At PLCC she counsels and provides a confidential therapeutic relationship for both the housemothers and girls to talk about their lives, schooling, work, and families.

If you would like to receive newsletters from the Fonners, email Bob Huhn and ask him to place you on the missionary newsletter list. If you would like to donate to the Fonners, place your offering in a special pew envelope marked Missionary Support and place it in the offering plate or make an online donation through the TELC website donation page specifying Missionary Support at the bottom.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) supports more than 240 missionaries which serve in more than 40 countries. They serve as pastors, physicians, and teachers. Others are young adults and engage in a life-changing , year-long experience through the Young Adults in Global Mission.

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