Little Angels Preschool is a loving, nurturing, and safe environment where we seek to educate the whole child. The preschool provides age appropriate experiences for the two, three, four, and early five-year-olds in preparation for kindergarten. The social, emotional, cognitive, creative, physical and language domains are enhanced through hands-on experience in play.

The spiritual domain is enhanced as the children are introduced to the loving goodness of God, and to the love of Jesus through song, books, simple prayer, positive social interaction and monthly Bible time for the two younger classes and monthly Chapel for the Pre-K class.

Teachers, in their role of caring for children, model and teach appropriate behavior. Children need to know what we expect from them before they follow our directions. We therefore expect teachers to use constructive and preventive methods of discipline and to maintain an atmosphere of love, acceptance, and order. This atmosphere is one in which children respect themselves, their peers and their teachers.

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